The Made in Chimex approach

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the conditions under which products are created, and aware of environmental issues.

In France, 71% consider that protection of the environment must be a priority for the authorities (IPSOS survey for France Bleue, June 2010).

Worldwide, 91% of respondents* consider protection of the environment to be a priority, while 76% of them declare that they have bought a product with environmental benefits (Etude Cone Communications, Echo Global CR Opportunity Study, October 2011).


Consumers expect transparency regarding the manufacturing of the products they buy, particularly regarding :

  • CO2 emissions (carbon footprint assessments),
  • water use and pollution,
  • waste production and management ,
  • toxicity.

    And at the same time, the authorities are developing the regulation of the chemical industry.

    Taking into account the realities of environmental considerations and public opinion, the REACH* European regulations have transformed the regulatory framework governing the management of chemical products.


    Our position is complex. Chimex as a company has responsibilities vis-à-vis its clients, its shareholders, its employees and stakeholders in the society around it.

    For this reason, we wish to work with a crucial long-term consideration of the impacts we have on society.

    Thus we are seeking a delicate balance of short- and long-term factors.

    To deal with this complexity, we have defined a carefully thought-out approach, the ‘Made in Chimex’ approach.

    Our intention is to generate value while dealing with the considerations of clients, stakeholder and citizen-consumers.

    We base this on :


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